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N(y)oo Mind's Biblical Counseling First Partnership With Local Church!

N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling had its Grand Opening/Mixer on Saturday, March 20th, from 6-7:30 pm in Independence, Missouri. At the mixer, Dr. Luther Smith, Lead Counselor of the center, shared the distinctives of N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling and the Biblical counseling center's four objectives, including connecting and partnering with local churches. Dr. Smith stated that connecting with local churches is one of the principal goals of N(y)oo Mind with the special consideration of small to medium-sized churches that see the benefit of having a Biblical counseling center associated with their local church.

The first partnership has been struck between N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling and Open Door Bible Church located in Belton, Missouri. The elders of Open Door elders and Mark Kieft, the teaching pastor at Open Door Bible Church, voted unanimously to share one of their rooms for counseling services with N(y)oo Mind and was looking forward to this ministry. This partnership between N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling and Open Door Bible Church has three advantages: 1) It provides those who attend Open Door Bible Church with access to trained Biblical counselors for counseling services. 2) it provides counselors with the opportunity to assist and help others who desire counseling services. 3) It gives N(y)oo Mind with the facilities necessary to serve the local church and others in the local community, which results in low cost for the counselees who receive counseling from N(y)oo Mind.

N(y)oo Mind will be offering Biblical counseling services to people in-person at Open Door Bible Church in the coming weeks. Also, N(y)oo Mind offers counseling services virtually for those who do not want to meet in person.

Dr. Luther Smith hopes that this partnership will be the first of many as N(y)oo Mind seeks to meet to serve local churches in Missouri and abroad with the Scriptures in the counseling process.

For more information on N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling and the services they provide, please visit the N(y)oo Mind page below:

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