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Romans 12:2

N(y)o͞o Mind Biblical Counseling seeks to guide and counsel individuals with the perspective of truth by utilizing a holistic approach to counseling. Those who receive counseling from N(y)o͞o Mind will work with counselors who observe physical, relational, and cognitive problems from a Biblical approach. The benefits of N(y)o͞o Mind are listed below.

The counseling approach from N(y)o͞o Mind is done using the Biblical Transformative Model for counseling. N(y)o͞o Mind Biblical Counseling believes the Biblical Transformative perspective is central to the care of the whole person. In other words, N(y)o͞o Mind counseling approach is tailored from the Biblical view.

In these tough times, the delivery of counseling is rapidly changing. N(y)o͞o Mind Biblical Counseling gives flexibility in counseling to fit your schedule. N(y)o͞o Mind offers the ability to meet with the counselor in person, over the phone

(i.e., telecounseling), and online on a protected web-based platform (e.g., Google, Skype).

Counseling can be an expensive service. N(y)o͞o Mind Biblical Counseling seeks to keep the cost of counseling low by eliminating overhead costs while giving you premium counseling services by using practical techniques and ideas to guide you. So you can receive the professional counseling you need without breaking the budget! N(y)oo Mind now uses Venmo giving you more options to receive counseling services!

Meet The Biblical Counselors of N(y)oo Mind

Dr. Luther Smith Psy.D (Center Director/Lead Counselor)

Dr. Luther Smith has recieved a Bachleors in Psychology, a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and Religious Studies, and a doctorate of Psychology (Psy.D) from Southern California Seminary. Dr. Luther Smith has been counseling for over 11 years whose emphasis is on anxiety, trauma, and compulsive issues. He is also the Department Chair of Biblical Counseling at Calvary University. Dr. Luther Smith enjoys reading books of various interests, watching the Marvel movies, and spending time with his wife Tanya, and daughter Wisdom.

Brooke Glaszczak (N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counselor)

Brooke Glaszczak has a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Counseling at Calvary University located in Kansas City Missouri. Brooke also worked as an intern at Shiloh Pregnancy Care Center and with young adults at Shelterwood Academy in Kansas City. Brooke has experience working with depression, anxiety, trauma, and self-esteem issues. and she is dedicated to walking alongside people she has the opportunity to work with in the transformative process. Brooke enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, being outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.

Hannah Hoffman (N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counselor)

Hannah earned her Bachelor’s in Biblical Counseling from Calvary University in Kansas City, MO. Hannah has experience working with people with depression, anxiety, self-harm, and emotional trauma. Most of Hannah’s experience comes from working with teen girls and foster children. Hannah was a parent educator working closely with parents trying to reunite with their children. In addition, Hannah also worked at a foster care agency counseling and mentoring foster teens.  Hannah is passionate about the holistic approach to Biblical counseling and restoring people’s emotional and spiritual health using God’s Word. In her free time, Hannah enjoys watching movies, exploring Kansas City, and spending time with her husband Jordan.

Counseling Costs

Below is the pricing for individual, couples, and family counseling. N(y)oo Mind Biblical counseling seeks to keep its costs for counseling low. N(y)oo Mind Biblical counseling offers per-session and subscription-based counseling services

Per Session-Based Serivce


Individual Counseling

$35.00 Per Session

$40.00 Per Session (online session)

Subscription-Based Service


Individual Counseling

$112.00 per month 

$115.00 per month (online session)

A 20% Savings

N(y)oo Mind Agape Scholarship Campaign 

The word for love in the Greek language is the word ἀγάπη (agape), which is the act of doing something for another's benefit without receiving something in return. At some point, everyone needs some counseling support every now and then, and what a better way to express care and love than to offer a scholarship for another.  Please consider donating any amount by clicking on this link: https://givesendgo.com/nyoomindagapecampaign.


Thank you for your consideration and donation in advance! 


Project 514

N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling understands that churches may not have the resources to have an established Biblical counseling ministry, such as small to medium-sized churches. As a result of this need N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling, LLC has developed a program known as Project 514. N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling is seeking to partner with local churches and offer subscription-based Biblical counseling services at a competitive cost to their members. In effect, this bridges the gap between local churches that do not have a Biblical counseling ministry and Biblical counselors who desire to serve in the local community. To learn more about Project 514 contact us at nyoomind@gmail.com

Forms For Counseling

Click on the PDF icons below to download on your computer, print them, and fill them out. These forms will take you about 45-60 minutes to complete. Do not forget to bring these to the initial session!

N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling Intake Form

N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling Expertise Form

N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling HIPPA Form

Forms For Counseling

You also have the option of filling out the forms for counseling on this website. Please keep in mind it will take you about 45-60 minutes to complete these forms. The counselor will contact you within 24-48 hours and have these forms at the initial session.

N(y)o͞o Mind Biblical Counseling Intake Form

       N(y)o͞o Mind Confidentiality and Expertise Form

    N(y)o͞o Mind Privacy Authorization Form

Frequently Asked Questions

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