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N(y)oo  Mind  Publishing

Ps.alm 45:1

The purpose of N(y)oo Mind Publishing is to produce books, publications, and resources for assisting counselors, elders, pastors, and laypeople to build and reinforce the biblical worldview in the subject of psychology and counseling. It is the goal of N(y)oo Mind to educate and inform Christians by creating resources and materials to equip believers to counsel well to the glory of God.   

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Foundations for Counseling Biblically assist counselors in knowing with certainty that Bible has the wisdom and insight to inform counselors about the troubles and pressures humanity faces in these modern times. The Bible also equips the counselor with the proper outlook when guiding the counselee. The result is that the counselor can be confident that their counseling is according to the Scriptures.

Philosophical Foundations of Counseling Biblically (Vol. 1) examines two counseling approaches from a biblical perspective: The Reformed Theological (i.e., Nouthetic) approach and the Dispensational approach. Both claim they are biblical. However, only one approach is consistent in this claim, and the differences between them matter in how a counselor works with a person in the counseling process.

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In The Divine Nine, Luther Smith seeks to observe the philosophical beliefs of spiritual gifts in what he calls the Charismatic-theological perspective, the Non-Charismatic Theological perspective, and the Normal, Grammatical, and Historical perspective, contrasting each perspective with the Scriptures. The Divine Nine seeks to help readers understand the spiritual gifts and the good outlook regarding this critical topic.

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Coming Soon (Mid-September)

Have you ever wanted to write down the goals and objectives of counseling? Have you ever wanted to write down the main points in the counseling sessions? This planner is created to help you stay focused in the counseling sessions, giving you confidence that you are meeting your goals and objectives throughout the counseling process.  

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