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N(y)oo Mind Partners With Another Local Church In Kansas City!

N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling Center solidifies its commitment to the local churches in Kansas City by partnering with Beth Haven Church in North Kansas City. This makes for the second partnership that N(y)oo Mind has joined with since their opening two days ago.

Dr. Luther Smith, Lead counselor and owner of N(y)oo Mind met with the elders and the teaching pastor, William Buttermore to talk about the logistics of a room being utilized for N(y)oo Mind for counseling services. The elders and teaching pastor voted unanimously for N(y)oo Mind to use a room for counseling at Beth Haven.

William Buttermore, teaching pastor of Beth Haven had expressed enthusiasm for the partnership that it can offer not only to those within the fellowship, but possibly for the community at large. Dr. Luther Smith in his presentation at the grand opener for N(y)oo Mind had expressed that partnering with the community and local churches is strategic in keeping N(y)oo Mind's cost for counseling low, which allows this savings to be passed to those who are seeking counseling services. It also allows for convenience for counselees who want counseling services but they do not have to travel a great distance to recieve counseling services. Of course for those who live further away from these counseling sites online and telephone options for counseling are also available.

N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling looks forward to partnering and serving those in Beth Haven and the local community.

To find out more information about the N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling and some of the services they provide, click on the link below for more information

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Do you know Grace Fellowship International? Their model of counselling comes before Jay Adam nouthetic counselling model. Their Biblical model seeks to bring a person to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and helps him understand the relationship between the spirit, soul and body and how a Christ-centered life brings harmony and the peace of God in one's life.

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