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International Fellowship of Biblical Counselors (IFBC) is an organization that is committed to equipping and strengthening believers to the Biblical perspective in the process of counseling. The distinctive of IFBC is that instead of observing the practice and technique of counseling through the lens of theoretical and theological systems, we seek to understand the person, counseling them in word and conduct from an exegetical/expositional approach to the counseling process.

International Fellowship of Biblical Counselors (IFBC) offers a certificate in Counseling from a Biblical perspective. This certificate is open to teaching elders/pastors, youth leaders/workers, lay leaders who desire to know the basic skills of counseling or even professionals who are licensed and desire to know how to incorporate the Biblical philosophy in their counseling practice and process. Those seeking to be an Associate or Certification must agree with the Statement of Philosophy and our Counseling Ethics & Guidelines in counseling Biblically.

Steps To IFBC Certification

Phase One

Complete The Seven Core of The Certification Process
Core One: Basic Essentials In Counseling Biblically
Core Two: Theological Perspectives of Counseling Biblically
Core Three: Best Practices In Counseling Biblically
Core Four: The Nature of Sexuality & Biblical Counseling
Core Five: Counseling Relationships Biblically
Core Six: Techniques & Interventions In Counseling Biblically
Core Seven: Mind and Body Considerations In Counseling Biblically

Phase Two

Complete Two Projects of The Certification Process
Project One: Certificate Certification Counseling Internship
Project Two: Certificate Completion Project

Phase Three

Complete The Panel Interview Process
IFBC Candidate will meet with the IFBC leader(s) to discuss Internship Project and Internship for admittance into the IFBC.

IFBC Statement Of Philosophy & Ethics of Counseling Biblically 

IFBC Statement of Biblical Philosophy

IFBC Ethical Guidelines

Benefits of Learning With IFBC

IFBC is for the following:

Pastors/Teaching Elders/Elders who want to learn the basic skills in counseling individuals.  

For Lay teachers/leaders in the body of Christ who desire to learn the basic skills of counseling in their ministry.

For youth pastors and leaders who want to better connect and work with young adults. 

Licensed Counselors who desire to associate the Biblical perspective in their counseling practices.

 IFBC Pricing For Certification 

Financial considerations for IFBC Certification is as follows:

Full Program For IFBC Certification (payment plan): $50.00 per month for 10 months.

 $450.00 for access to all IFBC Certification Cores* (10% discount in savings).   

Individual Cost Per IFBC Certification Core: $ 60.00 per core.*

*This price does not include the cost of materials like textbooks 

Benefits of Cores For IFBC Certification

Certification Can Be Completed Completely Online

You can complete your IFBC certification at your own pace. Once you pay for the IFBC Core you have access to all of the lectures, and assignments you need to complete that Core. 

Certification Is Completely Affordable

There is an option for every budget. For those who want to take a course a la carte, want to pay over time for certification, or want to pay upfront, there are options available for each and every person. 

Certification Is Completely Built on God's word

IFBC Certification does not try to fit psychological theories into the Bible. Nor does it try to observe human substance and interaction from theological systems, but IFBC is the only certification program that is reinforced by a method of reading the Scriptures. As a result, IFBC is truly Biblical.  

Frequently Asked Questions



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How To Register For Courses For IFBC


If you need to connect with us, please email or call us 

Phone: 816.265.1672

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