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Should Those With A Biblical Worldview Support “Black Lives Matter?”

The Black Lives Matter organization has recieved much attention during the past recent weeks. This organization mobilized its activism when by Derek Chauvin, a Minneapolis Minnesota police officer, and three other officers who assisted him murdered a Black American man by the name of George Floyd. Even though all four of the police officers were charged, Black Lives Matter mobilized with protests and riots across America. As a result of this tragedy, Black Lives Matter began a movement to defund the police with the nucleus of this message starting in Minnesota, then spreading across the country. There have been many celebrities, political figures, and religious leaders that have stood in support of George Floyd and have supported Black Lives Matter by expressing their desire to end systemic racism in America. The organization of Black Lives Matter claims that it seeks to do the same: address global racial injustice, bring about social peace, and freedom as it pertains to race relations:

we [are] committed to struggling together and to imagining and creating a world free of anti-Blackness, where every Black person has the social, economic, and political power to thrive Black Lives Retreived from

It would appear at an initial glance that Black Lives Matter as an organization would underscore the truth of the Scriptures. Does this movement at its core seek racial reconciliation? Does it align with the truth that is found in the Bible? Can those who promote a Biblical worldview support such an organization?

There are several distinct qualities that Black Lives Matter endoreses as the institution has espoused on their official website. The Black Lives Matter organization seeks the disruption of what they refer to as “Western-prescribed nuclear family” (i.e., the traditional family as defined as being made up of father, mother, and child(ren)). Black Lives Matter also states they endorse other people groups no matter the status or orientation as noted below:

We affirm the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, undocumented folks, folks with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum. Our network centers those who have been marginalized within Black liberation movements. Black Lives Retreived from

Black Lives Matter seeks to redefine traditional social norms and mores and restablish them in a way that seems fair and equitable to all peoples and positions. However, is this worldview consistent with what is understood in Scripture?

The word of God instructs that when God created mankind He created them male and female (Gen. 1:26-28). The creation of male and female highlights God’s eternal power, order and design (c.f., Rom 1:19-20). In terms of the family unit, in contrast to the worldview promoted by Black Lives Matter, God’s word teaches that the family unit is not defined by Western societal ideals, but is established by God Himself in the garden of Eden (Gen. 2:20-25). In addition, the Bible does address the concept of equality. The word of God teaches that mankind was created with equal value because God has created male and female in His image (Gen. 1:26-28). Black Lives Matter, whether knowingly or unknowingly, in an effort to promote equality reduces mankind to the concept of racial groups, which the Bible does not promote.

Furthermore the Scriptures noted above are the source of why a person does not endorse the perspective of racism. Those who hold to a Biblical worldview understand that male and female are created in the image of God and seek their welfare, not their calamity (c.f., Gen. 9:6). Scripture does not teach the idea of different races as all the different nations on earth after the flood find their origin in Noah’s sons (Gen. 9:18-19). Additionally God’s word tells an individual that while one has the time that a person is to do good (agathos) to all people, especially those who are believers (Gal. 6:10). The promotion of racism and the actions of violence in the form of riots and vandalism are beliefs and actions that the word of God does not promote at any time, and in any society.

It would appear that Black Lives Matter’s philosophy finds its influence in Karl Marx and Frederick Engels (Marxism), and Friedrich Nietzsche (Nihilism) who both promoted that Western culture must destroy traditional concepts and ideas, with the purpose of establishing a more equitable society. Friedrich Nietzsche (Nihilism) sought to make the case that the idea of God (specifically God as revealed in the Bible) was a social construct that needed to be dismantled for humanity to meet its full potential. Karl Marx and Frederick Engels (Marxism) promoted the worldview that sought to advocate social contracts that would lead to the seizing of private propery with the goal of equally distributing goods by governing authorities (i.e., the State). However, in order for this ideaology to be fully realized the institution of religion, among other institutions, would have to be abolished:

All religions so far have been the expression of historical stages of development of individual peoples or groups of peoples. But communism is the stage of historical development which makes all existing religions superfluous and brings about their disappearance. Retreived from

Furthermore, according to Marx and Engels the nuclear family would also be non-existent as it is associated with private property:

[Communism] will transform the relations between the sexes into a purely private matter which concerns only the persons involved and into which society has no occasion to intervene. It can do this since it does away with private property and educates children on a communal basis, and in this way removes the two bases of traditional marriage – the dependence rooted in private property, of the women on the man, and of the children on the parents. Retreived from

Marx, Engels, and Nietzsche promoted when mankind uses thier ability of human reason, is guided by a strong will, and rejects the Biblical worldview humanity can achieve a more peaceable and unified society. However, their mindset is in contention with God’s philosophy. It would seem that Black Lives Matter desires to transform the culture and with it ultimately reject core truths that God has establish to underscore His purpose and design for humanity.

Paul who wrote to those who lived in the city of Colossae warned them of alternative viewpoints when he composed the following:

See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ (Col. 2:8 NASB).

Paul who addressed the Colossians cautioned them that one must not be robbed (sylagōgeō) by the philosophy of the age, which is antithetical to the instruction of Jesus Christ. Those who hold a Biblical worldview should always address issues of injustice and racism (because these acts and this perspective are contrary to the reality of God). However, one must be careful that one does not align themselves with any organization or institution that has at it roots a philsosophy that is anti-Biblical. In doing so one will undermine thier intentions to promote justice and unknowingly support ideas that are in conflict with God’s word.

Until next time…

Dr. LS

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