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Dr. Luther Smith


My name is Dr. Luther Smith. I am the Dean of the College and the Department Chair of the Biblical Counseling department at Calvary University. I was formerly a psychological assistant at a recovery center, adjunct professor at San Diego Christian College, and the teaching elder at Potrero Community Church. Before becoming the Department Chair at Calvary University I was an Academic Advisor for Southern California Seminary, as well as a content creator for the Taylor Study Method, and a student worker at SCS.


I was born in Fort Ord Monterey, but have resided in San Diego all of my life. Now I live in Missouri with my wife, Tanya, and my daughter, Wisdom. I received my BA in Psychology from Ashford University and earned my Masters in Religious Studies (MRS), and a Masters in Clinical Psychology (MACP) from SCS in 2011. In December 2016, I also completed my doctorate from Southern California Seminary (SCS). My future goal (Lord willing) is to continue to educate in the long term, teach a fellowship, write books, and train students and laypeople to counsel from a Biblical worldview using the therapeutic techniques I have learned in my graduate and post-graduate programs. Some of my recreational activities include spending time with family, listening to music, reading, writing, and studying personal areas of interest.

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The Big Six: The Biblical and Expositional Discourse Concerning The Fundamental Questions of Life

Who Am I?  Why Do I Exist?  What Is My Purpose? Why Is There Evil?  Why Do I Die? What Is My Destiny?

Humanity has sought to understand and answer the questions above known as the "Big Six"- the Questions that are significant in understanding reality. However, how does a person know with certainty that the answers to these Questions are true? In The Big Six Luther Smith examines three major perspectives: The God does not exist worldview, the God exists and He is not the God of the biblical worldview, and the God exists and He
is the God of the biblical worldview. Luther Smith observes how each of these outlooks answer the Big Six Questions, and concludes that among these perspectives there is only one view-God exists, and He is the God of the biblical worldview that answers all these questions consistently and sufficiently, and how this should bring confidence to the person who promotes this view in this life and beyond.   


The Qualities of A Gift

By Dr. Luther Smith

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