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N(y)oo Mind Partership With A Christian Residential Home In KC Kansas City Missouri

Updated: May 27, 2021

N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling is seeking to partner with local churches in Missouri and abroad and with organizations and non-profits. N(y)oo Mind is proud to announce a partnership with House of Hope, a non-profit residential home for young girls in Kansas City, Missouri. The association that N(y)oo Mind Biblical counseling has with House of Hope would be two-fold: To have the opportunity to assist the families of the young girls who attend the residential home and could benefit from receiving counseling services from a Biblical perspective, and to possibly counsel House of Hope staff, workers, and other counselors who may be overwhelmed while serving the young women at the residential boarding house. At the same time, N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling would also refer families with troubled young adults to the residential home if they needed extra support.

Dr. Luther Smith was very encouraged at the association between these two organizations. Tim Overby, the Executive Director at House of Hope, when discussing the possible opportunities with Dr. Luther Smith, was excited about the idea of a counseling center that holds to the Biblical perspective without rejecting the discipline of psychology. He also looked forward to the counselors at N(y)oo Mind getting to know the staff and workers at a Summer barbeque where Dr. Liuther Smith will have the opportunity to talk to the team and workers about the importance of self-care in the counseling practice. N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling expressed gratitude to the Lord and Tim Overby and is enthusiastic about the things to come from this partnership.

N(y)oo Mind is a for-profit Biblical counseling center whose objective is to view the discipline psychology and the practice of counseling from a Biblical perspective. To find out more information about the N(y)oo Mind Biblical Counseling, LLC and some of the services they provide, click on the link below for more details.

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